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Taylor Acoustic | HIGH END 2018 - Taylor Acoustic
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Dear Visitors!

We are happy to announce that Taylor Acoustic will exhibit at Halle 1, A05 at High End 2018 Munich. We are looking forward to meeting you again, and to listening to great music! You are welcome again to bring your test CDs to our demo cabine, however, due to the applicable Copyright Laws and to protect our equipment, please note that we can play original and not scretched CDs only.


This is a very special year for us, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our brand. As an anniversary surprise, we will be introducing two, brand new monitor loudspeakers this year to the Public: Concert 120 and Classic 90.


You can read about these new products under the links above. These new loudspeakers beautifully follow our philosophy and tradition.

Taylor Acoustic Classic 90

We were working very hard over the past years so that we can ensure that the sound of our loudspeakers will move you and your emotions the same way as when you attend a live music concert.


When you close your eyes and listen to the music, you will be able to sense where the musicians are located in space in the orchestra and you will be able to follow the exact melody of each individual musical instrument within a harmony.


You will not need to be placed at the top of the musical triangle to get the best listening experience, we have designed our loudspeakers to give even, holographically balanced sound and dynamics at every point of the listening room irrespective where you are seated.


You can enjoy our loudspeakers at a low volume of 2-5 Watts already with such intense dynamics, that your body will not be able to resist your emotions. Your listening experience hence is not tied to volume any longer. Listening music on our loudspeakers is hence a beautiful way of reliving emotions and releasing stress in the comfort of your living room.

We came up with new designs and we made the colour range wider for our entire loudspeaker range, so that you do not need to make a compromise neither in sound nor in design. You can now find modern fresh colours and designs in our range besides the classical styles.


All our products – including the new ones – are unique, individually made, and were manufactured for life. We use durable, quality raw materials and components, and we individually hand-tune every product and their components, so that you can get a sound you never heard from loudspeakers before. We serve you with loudspeakers that you can enjoy for generations, like the “Stradivari of the High End Loudspeaker Manufacturers” according to our customers.


Once you join the Taylor Acoustic community, beyond your statutory warranty rights, we offer you that when you wish to switch to the newest development of our loudspeaker portfolio, your used Taylor Acoustic product will be considered close to its original purchase price (dependent on its condition). We trust our products this muc.


Are you interested? See you between 10-13 May, 2018 at Halle 1, A05. Experience Taylor Acoustic with your own ears.


For Trade Visitors and Press, we will hold specific demonstrations on the Trade Visitor day (10 May), but you are welcome to bring your test CDs to test our equipment during the entire exhibition.


You can use the below form to reserve your seat, as spaces are limited. 

Please select below the time when you wish to visit Taylor Acoustic at Halle 1, A05 at High End 2018 Munich.

You are welcome to select a pre-communicated demo appointment or you can schedule a separate appointment when you wish to visit Taylor Acoustic's demo cabine. In case you wish to talk to Mr. Taylor, the owner and developer of Taylor Acoustic, please also indicate it as well so that we can liaise your request in his tight schedule. Please give your contact details so that we can confirm your appointment to you.

Your test CD's are welcome, however, please note that due to the applicable Copyright Laws we are allowed to play original CD's only.

Please fill in you email address.
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Please give us your preferred date and time when you wish to visit Taylor Acoustic. Please also indicate if you wish to meet Mr. Taylor in person.

Thank you for filling in this form! Taylor Acoustic is looking forward to seeing you at Halle 1, A05 at High End Munich 2018!