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Taylor Acoustic | High End Munich 2019 aftermath - Taylor Acoustic
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High End Munich 2019 aftermath

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We had an amazing tradeshow in Munich this year too! Thank you for your visit at Taylor Acoustic’s demo booth at Halle 1, D08! It was great to see many of you in person again and receive your appreciative feedback for the warm and inimitable sound you heard at our booth!


This year we also co-exhibited with Entreq, whose CEO, Per Olof Friberg we had a chance to meet in person and whose trivets and cute vibbeaters were loved by many of our visitors.


This was also the first year we demonstrated our loudspeakers and cables with electronics from other manufacturers (PS Audio, Chord and VLS). They all proved to be a very good match with our cables and loudspeakers, we can recommend them with our products.


The demo systems we used at High End Munich this year:


Loudspeakers: Taylor Acoustic Concert 120, Taylor Acoustic Symphony 160, Taylor Acoustic Paganini IV


System 1 – PS Audio:

CD Transport: PS AUDIO Direct Memory Player
DAC 2: PS AUDIO DirectStream DAC
Preamp: PS AUDIO BHK Signature Preamp
Power Amp: PS AUDIO BHK S250 Amp
Server: Melco NZ 20S
Rack: Entreq Athena
Ground Box: Entreq Posseidon + Atlantis Ground Cables
Accessories: Entreq Vibbeaters


System 2 – CHORD Electronics:
CD Transport: CHORD Bku MKII
Power Amp: Chord √Čtude
Rack: Entreq Wilma
Ground Box: Entreq Olympos with Olympos ground cable


Here are some pics of our booth. See you next year in Munich, and stay tuned, we will disclose our next exhibition dates soon!