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Master Cello

Master Cello – not a promise, but a fact

The main inspiration behind the creation of the Master Cello was to create a natural and unique soundboard that reproduces the sound of the master instruments to the highest degree.


The aim was to make even an active musician, conductor or a really sophisticated music lover feel like they were listening to real instruments and singers, without the need for amplification.

Taylor Acoustic Master Cello speakers are made like true master instruments. For this purpose, it uses only carefully selected raw materials of special quality, difficult to obtain, from tropical regions, North America or uninhabited areas of Siberia.

Taylor Acoustic Master Cello pairs are extremely time-consuming to custom make, so only “a few” unique Master Cello pairs can be made each year. This adds to the exclusivity of these special musical instruments.

Please see technical details below. For more information about the Master Cello, please contact us.

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  • Size
    144 x 29 x 55 cm (57 x 11 x 22 inch)
  • Weight
    89 kg (196 lbs)
  • Performance
    Recommended 2-5 watt
    Maximum 140 – 200 watt
  • System
    3-way, tuned system
  • Impedance
    4-8 Ω
  • Frekvency range
    21 – 41.500 Hz
  • Sensitivity
    92 dB
  • Colours
    You can choose from Cashew, Mahagony and Teak wood
  • Recommended accessories
    Cables, amplifier
  • Designer
    David T. Taylor

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