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Taylor Acoustic | Taylor Acoustic's next exhibition - Klangbilder, Vienna, 16-18 November, 2018 - Taylor Acoustic
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Taylor Acoustic’s next exhibition – Klangbilder, Vienna, 16-18 November, 2018

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Taylor Acoustic will next exhibit at the Klangbilder exhibition at Arcotel Kaiserwasser on 16-18 November, 2018! Our exhibition room will be Room 544, which is on Floor 5, with a beautiful view, a bar and a fireplace! We will make a “feel at home” experience for you in this room, and as the shape of the room is very challenging from an acoustic point of view, we will also demonstrate to you the strength of our high end audio systems – that it does not need the musical triangle: the emotions and dynamics of music is even at each points of the listening room.


Save the date, we are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna! An added bonus – our exhibition room is going to be next to Wine and Co’s exhibition room, so you can taste some good wine before or after listening to music in our room


Distributors/Press can contact our marketing department for entry tickets here.


Link to our Facebook event: