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Home Theatre

Home Theatre – The Living Stage and Movie Experience

For the real music gourmands, 1 pair of Heracles, 1 pair of Nike Reference and 1 piece of Ino Center is the best recipe to vivify the movie and stage experience. Through the lifelike presentation of the lumbering sound of the jet engines of Sebulba’s cart, the walls and the furniture start to shake, with the use of 5-10 Wats per Channel only.

Its main strength is the amazing, lifelike illusion of reality.

For those, who prefer less and smaller components, similar effect can be achieved with the use of the subwoofer on the picture. It got its name after Hades, the God of the Underworld, who is well known from Greek mithology. The Nike Reference front speaker and the Ino center together with Hades can provide a similar, powerful performane to the previous set.

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